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BRIGHTLINES Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Premium Aluminum Roof Rack Cross Bars Compatible with Mercedes Benz GLC 300 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 - USED

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Product Details
The BRIGHTLINES Aero roof bars are customized for Mercedes Benz GLC 300.
  • Solid construction. Made of premium aluminum. Super sporty look.
  • Stylish aero wing shape, minimizing wind noise. T-slot accessories compatible.
  • Sit seamlessly on the top of flush roof side rails. Crossbars have both inner and outer clamps for secure mounting. Roof racks can be mounted at any given position on roof side rails, suitable to carry accessories of any size from roof bags to Kayak racks. Patent protected design.
  • Lockable crossbars has a total load capacity of 165lbs when evenly distributed
  • Easy installation. Package comes with a pair of crossbars and all tools and hardware
Condition: Small scratches from installation attempt. Small dent on edge of bar. Fully functional and operational.
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