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BRIGHTLINES Customized Roof Rack Crossbars Ski Rack Combo Compatible with 2022 2023 2024 Nissan Pathfinder (Non-Panoramic sunroof) (Up to 4 Skis or 2 Snowboards)


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Deigned and built specially for Chevy Traverse with roof side rails. Wing shaped bars along with air disturbance groove literally reduce wind noise to zero. Suitable for all kinds of roof accessories, like roof bags, boxes, ski racks, etc. The crossbars do not fit the models with panoramic sunroof.

Product Details
  • Customized design for Chevy Traverse. Must-have equipment to be a complete SUV. Does NOT fit the models with panoramic sunroof.
  • Aero wing shape, literally reducing wind noise to zero.
  • High clearance to roof top, suitable for all kinds of accessories.
  • Total Load Capacity 150lbs when evenly distributed.
  • Easy installation. All tools and hardware are included. Manufacturer one year warranty. U.S. based tech support and customer service.

Ski Rack:

  • Hold up to FOUR pairs of skis or TWO snowboards. Fits crossbars less than 3 in. wide and 1.5 in. thick. It also fits Thule and Yakima square, round and wing-shaped crossbars.
  • Tools are required and included. Uses U-bolt mounting system.
  • Racks come with locks and big red open buttons.
  • 17.75 inch effective length.
What's Included
A pair of roof rails and all hardware.
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