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BRIGHTLINES Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Crossbars Roof Racks and Premium Double Kayak Rack Compatible with 2020-2024 Ford Escape ( Including Models with panoramic sunroof) - Exclusive from ASG Auto Sports


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Product Details
  • High grade aluminum constructed. Light weight and durable. Roof racks can be mounted at any given position on roof side rails, suitable to carry accessories of any size from roof bags to Kayak racks.
  • Aero-dynamic design to minimize wind noise. High clearance above the roof top, compatible with the models with panoramic sunroof.
  • Load capacity 165 lbs when evenly distributed. Precisely made clamps mount to side rails securely.
  • Easy installation. Each mounting tower is lockable. The package comes with a pair of keys.

Kayak Rack:

  • BrightLines double folding kayak racks are made of heavy-duty aluminum with a Max. load of 150 lbs. Please check your crossbars weight capacity for compatibility.
  • The upright arm can be locked at any position from flat to 90 degrees. The cradles that hold kayaks can also slide to accommodate different sizes of Kayaks.
  • Compared with most U-shape tube kayak holders which come with two pieces, BrightLines kayak rack cradles have a unique one piece design with rubber coated pads which protect kayaks from scratching and moving around. The racks come pre-assembled and ready to use. The Upright Arm tubes are wrapped with thick foam for kayak protection. The cradles have cutouts at the two ends to hold the straps from slipping, giving extra security to kayaks.
  • Each rack comes with two mounting brackets to mount to each crossbar, preventing the rack from rocking. Mounting brackets can fit square and round crossbars. Two pair of straps are also included.
  • Please note: Carrying larger items like a Canoe/Kayak will cause extra wind drag that will add additional pressure on both the item and the crossbars. Please use tensioning rope to secure the bow and stern of your item to your vehicle. Tensioning rope not included with kayak rack.
What's Included
A pair of roof rails and all hardware.
A pair of kayak racks and 2 mounting brackets, 4 screws, 4 nuts and 2 straps. 2 straps are used to secure kayak/canoe to the kayak racks. You still need extra long straps to secure both front and rear of your kayak/canoe to your vehicle which are NOT included.
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