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Are Roof Racks Noisy?

If you're considering adding a roof rack to your vehicle, there are many potential benefits. While some of these benefits are apparent, people considering a new roof rack often ask, "Are Roof Racks Noisy?" Below, we'll go over some options to address unwanted wind noise - in this article we'll cover several options including:

  • Cross bar turning
  • Installing deflectors or farings
  • Aerodynamic customizations

Rack Adjustments May Make A Difference

Roof rack cross bars

Whenever you add a new component to the exterior of your vehicle, you invite the potential for new noises. Consider a car moving at highway speeds; anything that isn't completely aerodynamic or initially designed for your vehicle can make noise. Thankfully, with the constant development of and improvements to roof rack systems, modern racks make very little noise compared to earlier designs. Our OEM style designs consider this wind noise, and we've developed our racks to be as quiet as possible while providing ample storage and carrying capabilities.

When a roof rack makes unnecessary noise, it may be remedied by changing the installation. If your new roof rack makes noise, try turning the cross bars around and take the rack through some testing. Does the noise get louder at highway speeds? While it may not seem obvious, one side of the cross bar is designed to sit forward and 'cut' into the wind, creating less noise within your vehicle. Another change that may lessen wind noise is to move the cross bars or rack mounts rearward or forward. We offer many different styles and designs of BRIGHTLINES roof racks. While some may allow more slightly more wind noise than others, we know it's essential to find the right balance of lightweight carrying abilities and a quiet, comfortable ride.

Deflectors And Fairings Are Possible Options

Roof rack faring

If you've reversed your crossbars and tested the options above but are still having issues with wind noise, consider adding a wind deflector or wind fairing to help alleviate the force of the air hitting the crossbars. Amazon has a nice selection with prices as low as $50. Please be advised - while these deflectors often help to lessen wind noise, they can also have minor effects on your vehicle's aerodynamic properties and fuel economy. 

Other Noise Reduction Options

Roof rack noise

Suppose neither a wind deflector nor reversing the roof rack has helped. This is very rare, but in this case, you can consider a few other options. These include padding the cross members or replacing the cross members with something a bit more aerodynamic. Our racks offer plenty of options and customizations, and we'd be happy to help you find a roof rack product that ensures the most smooth, quiet, and efficient ride possible.

Regardless of your current roof rack situation, check out our large selection of roof rack and crossbar designs. We offer many OEM-style racks that offer easy installation with no cutting or drilling required. Our roof racks are designed to give you a quiet ride while providing all the carrying capacity you need. Our ASG Auto Sports customer support team is happy to help you find a suitable roof rack for your vehicle and needs. If you'd like to see our full selection of roof rack offerings, you can find them here. If you'd like to reach out to a member of our customer service team for personal assistance, you can do that here.

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